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Finding the perfect hairbrush sounds like a simple task, but in reality, it can be very challenging—especially if you have curly hair. Although no two hairs are the same, this is especially true when you have curly hair. Due to the different types, textures, and patterns, it is often difficult to know exactly which products (even those specifically designed for curly hair) are suitable for you, and it is even harder to know which brush can keep your curly hair healthy and strong.
“If you use the wrong brush on curly hair, such as a brush that creates tension, such as a Denman brush or a paddle brush, it will cause a lot of breakage,” explains T. Cooper, a New York stylist. “So, for curly hair, you always want to look for a brush that is gentle and won’t catch your hair.” Choosing a brush for your curly hair also depends largely on what you plan to use them for. For example, if Cooper intends to let the client’s curls down, she will choose a good combing brush. “If I want to put their hair upright, I like to use a good bristle brush to comb the hair from the roots,” she said.
When it comes to actual brushing techniques, Merian Mismmo, the founder of Bounce Curl, recommends grooming in the shower. “I recommend combing hair when it is wet and using conditioner in the hair,” she said, noting that trying to comb the curls when they are dry can cause frizz and change the shape of the curls. “Start from the bottom of the hair and work all the way to the top. Gently comb any knots to smooth them out.”
Read on to discover the best brush for your curly hair, whether you are looking for a simple comb or need a round brush for styling.
“I like Felicia Leatherwood brushes for combing,” Cooper said. “The brush is very flexible, gentle, and can quickly and easily pass through the thickest curls.” Stylists like to use this brush on damp, conditioned hair, and then spray Eva NYC’s Bounce Back Curl Reviving Mist to give the curls a new look .
“I always prefer flexible brushes, which should be stated on the packaging,” Mismmo points out. “This will help reduce hair breakage, and curly hair breaks more easily.” Flexy Brush is ideal for combing hair in the shower and doubles as a scalp massager, so it not only provides a painless brushing experience, but also helps to remove scalp cuticles Promote blood circulation.
If a comb is more suitable for your speed, it is wise to choose a wide tooth option like Kristin Ess because it will gently comb your hair without disturbing your curling pattern. Because the teeth are separated, the curls will stay clear and curly, which will prevent frizz and make the hair healthier in the long run.
This brush from Tracee Ellis Ross’ hair care brand Pattern is specially designed for showering. Its flexible bristles can pass through even the most stubborn tangles without sagging, and the detachable mat can easily clean up accumulated product (or hair).
This basic pharmacy hairbrush is Mismmo’s favorite and can effectively remove tangles. Although, as the name suggests, this economical option is indeed suitable for dry and wet hair, it is specifically designed to prevent breakage when used on wet hair (when they are more fragile).
Wild boar bristles can be an excellent and softer alternative to nylon, but choosing softness does not necessarily mean that it affects efficacy. This Christophe Robin detangling brush is proof. Stroke your curls lightly, you won’t risk pulling the curls or messing up the pattern, it will make the hair silky smooth.
Unlike traditional round brushes, this option from Olivia Garden has flat and round sides, so you can straighten and add volume at the same time. In addition, the ceramic bucket of the brush keeps frizz to a minimum, and it has a retractable comb that helps to cut hair easily as needed.
This brush has more than 34,000 reviews and a consistent 4.6 rating on Amazon, and it’s easy to understand why. Denman has long been stylist’s favorite brand for combing curly hair. This special choice is universally applicable and suitable for all curly hair types. The multi-purpose brush can be used for combing or styling, and the rubber pad can prevent fluffing.
If your curls tend to be soft, or you prefer a wavy look, this brush from Morrocanoil is a good choice. The brush has ionic and ceramic properties, which can speed up drying time, promote heat distribution and enhance gloss. It is very suitable for combing, smoothing and styling.
The bristles of this brush are made from a blend of agave fiber and nylon and are designed to mimic the classic wild boar bristles, making it ideal for vegetarians. Using this brush will evenly distribute all the natural oils of the hair and provide natural shine. It is soft and gentle enough for fine strands, and it is also effective for tight curls.

Curly hair is amazing, but even the biggest curly enthusiasts want to straighten their hair from time to time. For these occasions, please try the Smooth Paddle Brush of T3, which guarantees the best gloss and polishing effect. Designed with seamless, high heat-resistant nylon bristles, a padded body and a wide flat base, this brush should ideally be used with a hair dryer on wet or damp hair to provide smooth straightness without any frizz Or static electricity.

Post time: Jul-07-2021
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