Kylie Jenner Shoulder-Length Haircut, Lob Hair 2020

We’re only 18 days into the new decade, and while I’m trying to remember to write “2020″ instead of “2019″ on any/all forms, Kylie Jenner is out here doing the most and just debuted her second major hair lewk of 2020. Meanwhile, have I even thought about getting my hair trimmed since 2018? I’m going to go ahead and not answer that question!

Anyways, earlier this month, Kylie decided to ring in the new year by debuting a drastic hair change and donning some long, bright yellow hair that was literally lemon-colored (and obviously matched her purse):

And it seemed like mayyyyybe she was going to stick with the color for a minute, cause the next day she also showed off the same lemon-yellow hair, but this time in a shorter bob instead:

But, alas, we were being played/Kylie was just playing in her wig drawer, cause she then went back to the classic Kardashian brunette hue/long hair combo:

That is, until yesterday when Kylie debuted an amazing new, shoulder-length haircut. She captioned the photos, “They call me Lil Kris

Post time: Jan-20-2020
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