The body of Devin M. Dickerson was found in a “dense bush” under the highway 288 overpass

Guchland County, Virginia — According to authorities, nearly 24 hours after police found a crashed car on the highway, the body of a driver was found in the bushes under the highway 288 overpass in Guchland County.
According to the sergeant, the soldiers were called to the abandoned 2005 Cadillac at around 2:40 am on Saturday, sitting on the driveway of the flyover from Highway 288 to the westbound of Interstate 64. Said Dylan Davenport of the Virginia State Police.
Davenport said: “Cadillac ran down from the road on the left and hit the jersey wall, causing damage.”
However, the soldiers later found the body of 27-year-old Devin M. Dickerson in Charlottesville in the “dense bushes” under the overpass before 11:45 on Saturday night.
“At this stage of the investigation, Dixon is believed to be the driver of Cadillac,” Davenport said. “There are no obvious signs of trauma. His body was transported to the chief forensic office in Richmond for an autopsy and examination.”
The Mounted Police requires anyone who might have witnessed a car accident, saw a vehicle, or “saw anything abnormal” to call the Virginia State Police at 804-609-5656 or send an email to
This is a developing story, so anyone with more information can send an email to to send tips.

Post time: Jun-25-2021
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