Dry conditions are sparking bushfires, local fire department warns

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OCONOMOWAL, Wisconsin (CBS 58) — The weather is finally getting warmer, and all the melting snow and ice is covered with dry grass.
“Very dry days combined with high winds usually make for a decent fire,” said Westlake Assistant Fire Chief Matthew Haerter.
Something as simple as a lit cigarette butt or a spark on a grill can start to burn, blown up by the wind and spread faster than you think.
Haerter recommends keeping a fire extinguisher nearby when grilling or using a burn pit.If you’re in your backyard, that’s probably the hose connected to your house.
“Using common sense is the most important thing, and the events we respond to are often because of a lack of common sense,” Halter said.

Post time: Apr-20-2022
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