NEWPRO Home Solutions is giving away free gifts to two local veterans

WOBURN, MA, Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NEWPRO Home Solutions, a third-generation family home solutions business based in Greater New England, has honored local veterans, Springfield, MA. Edward DeMars and Otis Brand New Moon Bathroom System in East Hartford, CT Free Gift.
DeMars is a Vietnam and Gulf War veteran who proudly served in the US Army and Air Force. Operations on his back, replacement of the knee and shoulder joints have greatly affected his mobility. His current lip in the bath prevents DeMars and his three autistic sons from getting in and out of the shower.
Moon proudly served in the US Air Force in the 1970s as an aircraft and truck fuel specialist. Moon lost his leg and had difficulty getting in and out of the shower. His current setup is outdated and doesn’t have a proper security bar to help him.
NEWPRO will replace these veterans’ existing shower and bath systems with new systems that are cleaner, safer and easier to use.
Both veterans were surprised when NEWPRO General Manager Daniel Mocci wrote a check to cover the cost of the entire shower refurbishment.
“This is our sixth year of participating in the National Veterans Assistance Program: Bold Swimming. This year, we provided a safe swimming environment for two elderly families! How exciting is that?” said Marcy Katz, NEWPRO Vice President. “No one should worry about showering in the safety of their own home. We are honored to continue to give back to those who have made great sacrifices for our country. Edward and Otis, two veteran NEWPRO recipients, will be honored November 10 bath (the day before Veterans Day). This special event truly embodies the core values ​​that the company was founded on. This is one of our favorite NEWPRO Cares initiatives,” Katz said.
“I can’t believe this is happening,” Springfield-based Edward DeMars told Brave Recipient Bass. “I was going to borrow money to fix my bathroom, but this is amazing!”
“I never thought this would happen to me,” East Hartford Braves’ Otis Moon told Bass. “I never thought my granddaughter would nominate me. I feel loved.”
In honor of this year’s Veterans Day, NEWPRO’s team of expert installers are bathing selected veterans in their homes on November 10, 2022. For more information on our two select veterans, visit Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more exciting news and updates!
Check out our Brave Project saunas from previous years:
Baths for the Brave, a special event and partnership of nearly a dozen home improvement companies nationwide, provides veterans with newly renovated baths or showers to improve their lives by making their bathrooms easier to use. This year’s updates will be available simultaneously to veterans across the country, with some installations filmed in real time via Facebook and Instagram stories.
All participating home improvement companies, including NEWPRO, donate 100% of their time and materials to veterans in need in their local communities. Renovation work across the country will take place simultaneously. Other participating companies include:
Our team posted the contest online and Marcy Katz, VP of NEWPRO, shared the details of our Live Veterans Toilet Giveaway. She urged all New Englanders to consider whether the veteran deserves the nomination. We received over 180 entries and selected them based on stories and interviews from the nominees. We then selected two winners who met with NEWPRO design experts for a consultation before we demolished their old tubs or showers and replaced them with a free safety shower. Meeting the mobility and security needs of all homeowners is important to us.
Special thanks to the NEWPRO team to all veterans of New England and the whole country! Our participation in the National Veterans Event is just a small part of our community’s appreciation for your service and self-sacrifice. We remain committed to continuing to give as much as possible through the NEWPROcares assistance program.
NEWPRO Home Solutions is New England’s leading provider of home improvement solutions. Founded in 1945, NEWPRO has been family-run for three successive generations with over 300 employees committed to providing trouble-free home renovations.
A customer-centric approach, combined with interactive design tools and innovative technologies, has established NEWPRO as a market leader. With corporate offices in Woburn, Massachusetts and several offices in northern and southern New England, NEWPRO aims to be your “Home Improvement Partner for Life”.
NEWPRO offers a hassle-free and convenient home improvement experience with products that deliver exceptional performance, including energy efficient windows and doors, roof and siding systems, bath and shower replacements. NEWPRO products are backed by professional 5-star installation and customer service.

Post time: Oct-19-2022
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