Tenoverten Revitalizing Foot Facial Cured My Cracked Feet

Standing Appointment is our review series that explores the best new and noteworthy beauty treatments in the world of aesthetics and determines whether they are worth a try for yourself. This week our author tested the new Tenoverten Revitalizing Foot Mask to heal her chapped feet.
Let me make a scene for you. My boyfriend Ben and I were in Italy after I booked a temporary ticket to join him. This is the journey of a lifetime. Food is death! The landscape is very romantic! We’re full of aperol spritzes! Everything is going smoothly.
But it was spring in Italy and it was raining uncharacteristically, and the night before our arrival in Naples we had a terrible downpour in Florence. The sneakers I was carrying got soaked in the water, so I had to rely on my Teva sandals to get me through our first day in the south. What you need to know about Ben is that this guy is a walker. On our trips, we left our Airbnb every morning before breakfast and walked almost 30,000 steps along the cobbled streets before lunch. So, on our first day in Naples, as soon as we dropped our bags and ran out onto the pavement, my faithful Tevas was tightly tied to my legs. Around 10 p.m. I was limping in bed with wet, carbohydrate-rich legs.
The next morning, I realized that our rain-soaked holiday in sandals had completely ruined my feet. They were drier in nature, but now I have deep cracks in my heels that make walking painful. But I’m on a romantic trip and I only have three days! So I put lotion on my puppy, injected Advil, and continued to fight, content to deal with cracked legs when I got back to America.
Only, it didn’t quite happen. No matter how you feel about it, once you get home, cracked legs won’t heal. Every time I take a shower, I apply a pumice stone to my heel, but to no avail. I slept on socks with a thick layer of Aquaphor-nada on the sole. It’s been a month and my feet are still itchy. But I think they’ll heal themselves eventually, right?
Then one night while Ben and I were watching a movie in bed, my heel accidentally hit his calf. Reader, the man screamed. Ashamed, I showed him my heels. He touched one of the cracks. “They look like the Utah salt flats,” he said.
Luckily, my editor just emailed me asking if I’d like to try Tenoverten’s new revitalizing foot treatment, which costs $150 an hour and includes a scrub, massage, and pedicure. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to fix my tired old soles.
I arrived at Tenoverten in Manhattan’s financial district, where I was assigned to choose a shade for a pedicure. (They still have Essie’s Clambake, so that’s my choice, natch.) My therapist then escorted me to the pedicure wash, where she removed my old nail polish. I half wanted to apologize for the condition of my heel, but I realized that the first step to recovery is to seek help, and that’s what I’m doing.
After a quick soak, she exfoliated my feet with The Sole Scrub by Tenoverten. It’s made from granulated sugar so it’s gentle on your skin, but it did wonders for my cracked heels. She takes her time, making sure all the dead skin is gone before moving on. After exfoliating, she used a bumper stick to go back to my heel and double the exfoliation. Trust me, I need it.
Next comes the hot stone massage, the most luxurious part of the treatment. For 10 minutes, my therapist massaged my tired toes with warm river stones to better focus my arches and balls of my toes. I enjoyed myself and closed my eyes to dream of high heels without reminding my boyfriend of one of the driest places on earth. Finally, it’s time for The Sole Mate, a moisturizing lip balm enriched with vitamin E and jojoba oil. It comes in a convenient stick so it’s easy to reapply throughout the day, which my therapist recommends I do often.
After my nails were polished and finished, I reached out to touch my heels. I was scared. There are still some small cracks there, but overall my heels are smooth. Gone are the deep furrows and flaky dead skin that have haunted me for months. I can’t believe how quickly the treatment works.
By making an appointment, you get a free full size version of The Sole Scrub and The Sole Mate, and even for $150, it’s the best pedicure you’ll ever have.
Since then I have been using The Sole Scrub twice a week in the shower and The Sole Mate most nights before bed. Let me tell you, my heel is almost healed. I love the easy way to use The Sole Mate thanks to the flash drive format. Unlike other healing balms, it does not sit on the skin. Instead, it melts away, leaving behind hydration that lasts for hours.
This treatment is only available at FiDi Tenoverten, but with a scrub and lip balm, you can recreate the feeling at home. If you think that nothing will cure your feet, trust me – you want to do your own facial pedicure. Because we can also enjoy romantic Italian holidays with beautiful high heels. you know? We deserve it.

Post time: Aug-22-2022
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