The best shower storage ideas to help streamline your routine

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This is where you spend time almost every day (sometimes several times a day), but your shower is usually at the very bottom of your organized to-do list. There is a lot of information out there on how to clean your shower, but how do you include storage space? Whether it’s because we spend less time in the shower than in the kitchen, or because no one but your family sees it, shower storage ideas are hard to come by.
But there are good reasons to keep order in the soul. First, it can help you relax and reduce stress after a day in the shower. Plus, it has less room to move around, making showering easier to clean. Finally, the organization of the shower makes it easy to identify and remove expired products.
Ready to tackle that pending bathroom project? Check out the following shower storage ideas to help organize your space.
Shower cabins are not a new concept. However, it’s important to find one that can be customized to suit your product. Use different levels to categorize hair products from body products. If you are buying in bulk and the bottles are too large, consider pouring them into an appropriate smaller dispenser; it will also give your soul a high-end spa feel. Prefer to use a towel or washcloth? Find a cart with a built-in hook.
If you’re ready for a remodel, consider renovating your bathroom. Recessed ledges, especially in smaller showers, can increase square footage. Make sure the niches are deep enough to accommodate the bottles so they line up neatly. Or set up a bench for larger items like dry brushes or towels. These built-in bathroom storage solutions not only add functionality, but also make a strong design statement.
Shaving comes with its fair share of consumables. These gadgets, from razors to accessories to shaving cream, can easily take up an entire layer of the basket. Instead, shaving in the shower has a role of its own. Corner floating shelves that blend into the surrounding tiles can be hair removal centers. Include a holder for the razors you use the most and store only what you need to get the job done on the shelf. For those with facial hair, turn on anti-fog mirrors and a shaving brush.
Maybe you’re not planning a bathroom renovation, but your shower is too small for toiletries, or your shower head isn’t portable enough. When it comes to shower storage ideas, think outside the box. Place only your shower essentials on your windowsill or sill, and hang a basket outside to store excess bath items. This applies to items you use in the shower and sink.
The shower seat is functional and creates a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. They can also provide a place to relax or store your daily items if needed. Look for products that are durable, waterproof, rust resistant, and have non-slip feet. Equip a freestanding shower bench with towels, brushes, or bath salts to showcase the resort.
Depending on the layout of the shower, the space under the bench can be a hidden storage space. If you are renovating your bathroom, take care of a hidden drawer for storing bath accessories. Extra shower gel, soap bars and bath salts can be tucked out of sight instead of taking up precious space in the linen closet or shower.

Post time: Sep-02-2022
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